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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Something worth trying out (I)

There are many products that we can easily find at the stores or online, and they have amazing qualities. However, for some reasons they haven't received a lot of attentions. It could be just me or they truly don't work on others, I don't know. If you are seeking nice makeup products to add to your collections, give these items a try.

Part I
  • Boots No. 7 Exceptional Definition Mascara
  • Inglot Eyebrow Pencil
  • Inglot Lipstick Pencil
  • Inglot AMC Liquid Blush
  • Inglot Brow Powder/Wax Palette
  • Dior Addict Lip Balm
Part II
  • Clinique High Lengths Mascara
  • Bare Escentuals Pencil Eyeliner
  • Crown Brush Brushes
  • Kett Cosmetics Translucent Setting Powder
  • Kett Cosmetics Liquid Blushes
Part III
  • Stila Forever Your Curl Curl Your Memory Mascara
  • Stila Eyeshadows in free pan form
  • Stila Stay All Day Waterproof liquid Eye Liner in Intense Black
  • Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation SPF 15/PA++
  • Shu Uemura Hard Formula Brow Pencil
Boots No. 7 Exceptional Definition Mascara

Boots products can be purchased at your local Target or Target online. I have both colors, Black and Brown/Black. The reason I purchased the Mascara at first was that Lisa Elderidge on Youtube mentioned it couple times in her video. It made me very curious about the product. First of all, as I mentioned in my previous posts, I have typical Asian lashes which are hard to curl and are not very long and dense. I have always been looking for a non-waterproof mascara that can hold the curl of my lashes. We all know what a pain to try to remove any waterproof mascara completely. If you are too looking for a mascara that gives your lashes length and hold the curl of your lashes, but non-waterproof, you should check out this Boots Mascara.

On the packaging, it says:"a unique triple effect brush giving volume and definition, even for the most hard to reach lashes. With nourishing vitamins and proteins for smoother more flexible lashes. Hypo-allergenic."I would not call this mascara a volumizing mascara, but definition, yes. The curling property of this mascara was not discovered by the company, I got a bonus in this case.

The density of the bristles are different around the brush head, and the very tip of the brush head has some tiny bristles for hard to reach areas. Also, another thing you should know is that the wand is the flexible rubber wand, and skinny. The size and the flexibility is good for someone who has the tendency to get mascara on her eyelids when applying mascara (like me...).

It came in black and brown colors. I would not call the colors to be very intense because this mascara will give you very natural and non-stiff looking lashes. If you are looking for having intense spiky looking lashes then you might not like this. 

Even though it is not a waterproof mascara, but it lasts me through the day. Because the colors are very subtle, even flakiness happens you can hardly notice.

I normally like to layer my mascara. If I know there is a possibility that I will get water on my face, or I am going to cry, I will add a layer of waterproof mascara on top of this one to avoid panda eyes...

You can find this at Target or Target online for $7.99


Inglot Eyebrow Pencil

This is one of my FAVORITE eyebrow pencil. The most important reason is the color. my eyebrow is very dark, black or very dark grey-ish, and regular dark brown eyebrow pencils can easily make my eyebrows too dark. I know people always say that you should go with a shade lighter than your natural brow color, however, it doesn't really work out for me since I don't have any brown (red toned) in my eyebrow. After tried out tons of eyebrow pencils, I noticed only colors that are in taupe color families (or have more yellow-ish undertone) work the best for my brow. That being said, this Inglot eyebrow pencil in shade 506 is one of them.

This eyebrow pencil gives me a very natural and soft looking brow, and I think it looks better than using a very dark brown or black color eyebrow pencil even though they are closer to the natural color of my brows. This is just my preference, maybe some people like very stand-out brow, I just find natural looking brows on me make me look less intimidating.
The pencil is not automatic which makes it more difficult to sharpen to a very fine tip. How I use pencils like this is that I use the side of the tip to create a softer line, and to keep the tip sharp longer as well.
Another con about this eyebrow pencil is the size. It might look like a normal size in the picture, but in real life, it is short. Since you have to sharpen it, you will use up the product very quickly. It contains less product than others (0.04oz compares to most other eyebrow pencils of 0.046oz); however, it only costs $10, fairly affordable at least. 

I personally like eyebrow pencils with harder lead so I don't have to worry about the color looks uneven. Not all harder lead eyebrow pencils are good, you want them to be hard enough without being scratchy. Anyway, this particular color is good for those with darker eyebrows. I haven't tried other colors but I bet they are just as good.

You can find this eyebrow pencil at any Inglot retail stores (I know there is one in Newport Beach in CA) or department stores where have Inglot counters.
You can also find on Inglot's website http://bit.ly/1cYLvER
It has 4 different colors (mine is 506), and it costs $10.00.

Inglot Lipstick Pencil
All the lipstick pencils I am going to show are matte formula, which means they are more on the drier side. The pigmentations are like most Inglot's products very good.

This pencil is called Inglot Matte Collection AMC Lip Pencil on Inglot's website.  There are 21 colors available. I don't know why they skipped numbers, and I could not find one of the lipstick pencils I own on the website. Sorry about that.  This is not a twist up pencil so you have to sharpen it if you want a very precise line.                                             Or you can use the method I mentioned earlier about how I use the eyebrow pencil--use the side of the tip. The problem for this method is that if you have smaller lips then you have to be careful.                         The size of the pencils are similar to the size of NYX jumbo lip pencils, but Inglot one cost more than double amount of money comparing to the NYX one (Inglot $11, NYX $4.5). Unfortunately, the Inglot one even contains 0.5 gram less than the NYX one (Inglot 4.5g, NYX 5g).                                   The packaging is not nearly as good as the product itself. I like the sleek top-end, and semi-matte black body. The cap is the problem, it is very loose, when you push to hard the side of the cap will crack, just makes the problem even worse. You have to very carful when you pick up or store this pencil, the caps fall off all the time. I don't know if it is just mine are like that or what. I DON'T LIKE THE PACKAGING FOR THE MONEY I PAID!
All right, enough of complains. The most important thing for saying whether a product is good or not, is its quality, how it works for you. I don't know about you, to me, quality comes before packaging (most of the times, haha). Like I said, the Inglot Lipstick Pencil is matte, no shine, no sheen, not semi-matte, they just look matte. I have used many matte lipstick pencils from other brands, the Inglot one gives you a very matte finish but DOES NOT accentuate your lines, or dry skin on your lips. The pigmentation is very good and covers your lip very well. If you don't really like the finish, just top off with a little bit lip gloss you will be good to go. 

The matte formula of this pencil makes it a little bit harder to apply, it won't glide on like creamy pencils of course, just need to push the pencil a little bit harder to apply (not too hard). One good thing is the product inside is very solid, it won't break or melt as easily as the creamy pencils.
The matte formula also makes the colors last longer on your lips. I would say about 4-6 hours for lighter color lipstick pencils, 6-8 hours for darker color lipstick pencils. It can stain your lips if your application is very intense.

I would not suggest to use a lip brush with this pencil since the formula is not creamy enough to get color on the brush. You can still try if you want a very sheer of color on your lips.

You can still find 9 of the lipsticks in the pictures from Inglot website. If you are a fan of matte lipsticks in a pencil form, this is a good one to try. You will like it if you can ignore the packaging...

The Inglot Lipstick Pencil ( Matte Collection AMC Lip Pencil) can be purchased from Inglot's website http://bit.ly/1bZLEZh
or any counters in department stores that sell Inglot.
The price is $11.00

Inglot AMC Liquid Blush

I own two of the AMC Liquid Blush, one in the color 83 and the other one is 86. There are 6 colors available on Inglot website. Each bottle is 15 ML/0.51 US FL OZ. I don't have any complaint about the size, because for a liquid blush, this bottle will last forever...
It says on the website:
Vitamin E, peptides, special polyesters with a unique silicone and gel base allows this liquid blush to give a healthy glow to the face, leaving all skin types fresh and radiant.
In my opinion, the claim is pretty accurate. It doesn't feel heavy but fresh. Your cheek will look like it's glowing from within.

Each bottle comes with a pump, which is always a plus for any liquid/gel/cream product. The consistency is not watery, it's more like a creamier and thicker liquid. You only need one small pump for your two cheeks. The colors may look very intense, however, when you blend out on your cheek, they give a very natural and luminous finish. None of the colors have shimmers or sparkles in it, but not matte either, just look dewy and beautiful. 

You can use a brush, a sponge, or just your fingers. They should all work fine. You can use under or on top of a powder blush, under or on top of your foundation. The application for this product is just easy and simple. Do the way you find the most convenient.

If using this blush alone, the lasting power is pretty good (around 6-8 hours), on me at least. I personally don't have oily cheek, and I like to use it alone on top of my foundation. Sometimes I want to make sure the blush lasts long enough, or I want a more intense look, I will put a powder blush on top of it. It gives a very nice base for the powder blush to grab onto. 

Sorry for my dry hands, forgot to put moisturizer on...
As you can see from the picture, the 83 was blended right into my skin (my hand at the time of the picture is about NC 35 in MAC, I am normally NC 30 =_=!!!). The 86 on my skin look more rosey and less purple than it is in the bottle. If you have paler skin with pink undertone, the 86 could appear more purple, and 83 could be a very natural color on you as well. If you have darker skin, I am sure 86 will look good on your skin, but 83 might be a little bit difficult to show up unless you put something else on top of it, use it as a base.

I picked two colors that were the safest among the six because I was not so sure about the color intensity and quality of the product. I might try the other colors in the future, who knows...^0^

One thing to note is that the liquid tends to separate after a while, so always shake it before using. Oh, when you try to pump the product out, do it lightly, or you would just have way too much to use.

The Inglot AMC Liquid Blush can be found on Inglot website at http://bit.ly/HfHYUJ
or any counters in department stores that sell Inglot.
The price is $15.00

Inglot Brow Powder/Wax Palette
I don't hear a lot of people talking about Inglot's brow powder/wax in the freedom system. I think they are really great. One thing I love the most about Inglot's brow powder/wax is the color selections.

The Bigger picture is Brow Powder Palette; the smaller picture is brow wax palette.

I don't know what happened to the Inglot's website, I could not find the brow powder/wax in the E-Shop section on the website. I heard Inglot is replacing the round pans with square pans in the freedom system, but I am not sure if this is the reason. When I went to the Inglot store in Newport Beach, they still had the brow products, and they didn't say anything about getting rid of them either. Well, I guess if there is an Inglot counter or store near you, you can call and ask if they have any.

I purchased the brow powder/wax palette long time ago. I had two waxes and three powders to fill up the 5-pan palette. Here is what I have:

The numbers from left to right are 571, 574, 569, 560, 566.
The two on the left are waxes, and the other three are powders.

The colors look a little bit different when taking the pictures with and without flash. Compare the two pictures, I would say that the colors in the picture without flash are the closest to the colors if you see in person.

The two waxes do not have much pigmentation but a slight tint to them. If your brows are sparse, the wax may not be enough to fill your brow. I suggest to use the brow powder first to fill in your brow, once you satisfied with your brow, use a brush to lightly brush over your brow with the wax. It helps to blend the color and make sure your brow color will not fade later on.
If you already got pretty full brow, you can just use the wax to give your brow a light tint.

The brow powders in this palette are my favorite. You may have noticed that the colors do not have "red" in them, which I have hard time to find from other brands. I use 566 on the inside (toward the center of my face) section, and then use 560 on the outside (brow end/tail) section. They fill my brows so well, look natural but still defined. I sometimes use 569 instead of 560, or just mix the two when I want my brows to stand out more.

The powders last very long without any brow gel to set them. If you want you can still use a brow gel to guarantee your brow color would not budge until you wipe it off.

Let's hope Inglot will not discontinue the brow products in their freedom system. You cannot find them on Inglot's website (USA E-shop bit.ly/Hr3Wov). However, you may be lucky to find them in a Inglot store or a Inglot counter. http://

The price when I bought was $5.00 each pan. This is ridiculously affordable for the quality of the products.

Dior Addict Lip Balm
I know I know, this lip balm is expensive. However, it's a very very good lip balm that moisturizing your lips and enhancing your natural lip color. This isn't a lip balm you can share with your boyfriend (sometimes guys lips are dry too...), because he would hate you for putting on him, trust me. Why? After you apply this lip balm, it gives you very "juicy" looking lips, and fuller with no tingle feeling at all. 

Sorry for my dry and ugly looking lips, let's focus on the product shall we? -_-///
As you can see, the dryness is gone instantly, my lips look dewy without feeling oily or sticky. Even though the balm doesn't have much pigmentation but it gives my lips "life", makes them look healthier and fuller.
The texture is comfortable and smooth. It has a very subtle sweet smell to it but doesn't have any kind of taste to it. I would not suggest to put on any lipstick right after you put on this lip balm, because the colors of the lipstick will not stay well. If your lips are dry and you have to put on a lip balm before putting on any lipstick, I suggest to use one thin layer of tissue (you know most tissues at home have two thin layers in one sheet right?)lightly blot your lips after applying lip balms. Then the lipstick will have a non-slippery surface to stay on longer.
Do I think this Dior Addict Lip Balm worth the $31.00? Sure. Do I think it is a "necessity"? No. If you have extra money to spare on some luxury items, give this a try and you would not be disappointed. There are so many lip balms that work as well as this one but cheaper, well, girl, you get treat yourself once a while! ^=^ 

By the way, the packaging is so adorable. silver with pastel pink, girly and luxurious. I would definitely  keep the case after I use it up.

Dior Addict Lip Balm can be purchased at Sephora stores and Sephora.com ( http://bit.ly/1dqUSep )
Department stores where have Dior counters
Misc. websites sell beauty products (Amazon etc.)
The official price is $31.00

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