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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Why Did Everyone Rave About It (Them) -- II. Nail Polishes/Makeup Tools/Skincares/Haircares

This part will have nail polishes, makeup tools, skincares, and haricares. Even though the products don't work on me, it does not mean that the brand in general is bad. It might because only the colors or the specific ones I owned were not as good. I am not 100% sure about that. Sometimes, because everything from a brand I purchased disappointed me, then I stopped buying from that brand.
Things like nail polishes, everyone picks up a nail polish for a different reason. I expect the nail polishes first, I like the colors; second, they last long or at least don't chip easily; third, apply smoothly and opaque (less than four coats application). I love nail polishes, but I hate the time it takes to paint my nails. So if the nail polishes are very good qualities and last very well, although the color selections aren't big, I still prefer those. Some of you may be attracted to the colors rather than the qualities in nail polishes, then you may disagree with what I have below. Just a personal preference. ^0^
Essie and OPI Nail Polishes (earlier view)

I started to try out Essie nail polishes a year ago. It is almost everyone's favorite nail polish brand, so I really want to find out what makes it so popular. Well, the color selections of Essie nail polishes are fantastic, and the polishes are true to colors as well.  What I don' t like about them are
1)many of the colors I got are so streaky when apply;
2)even though the nail polishes are true to colors but many of them (especially the lighter colors or pastel colors) are too sheer to show the colors well on my nails with two or three coats. Because of that, I have to apply pretty thick and I hate that. It not only takes forever to dry but also looks very gooey and heavy. Some colors are fine with two coats, but I am not impressed with the finish anyway.
3)None of the Essie nail polishes I own last long, about three days the maximum on my nails. I would say they are on my top three fast chipping nail polishes list. For some people who like to change their nail polishes often, long lasting or not may not be a issue for them. I am not a patient person. For me,  it's hard for me to just spend that much time everyday to paint my nails. So a good nail polish should last long. I have used nail polishes from other brands, they last at least a week without chipping and damaging my nails (i.e. L'Oreal Color Rich Nail polishes, Zoya Nail Polishes, Pixel Nail Polishes, and some Sally Hansen Nail Polishes, etc).
4)The price is relatively high compare to other drugstore nail polishes. Essie nail polishes sell for $8.00 at most drugstores. In comparison to Sally Hansen Nail polishes ($2-$7), Revlon ($5-$8), or L'Oreal ($5-$7) etc., Essie nail polishes aren't the best among all those brands. You always want to get what you pay for, right?

The same applies to the OPI nail polishes. The quality of the nail polishes are not very consistent. Some are fine, some are not. Again, the color selections for OPI are fantastic, but for the price I don't find the polishes last very long at all.

Of course, it might because the colors I bought were not the best colors to represent the two brands. However, I would not say the brand in general disappointed me unless most (if not all) of its products I purchased were far below my expectations.
I do like nail polishes, but I would not buy them just for the colors when I know the qualities are not good. Exceptions happen when I cannot find better alternatives where so ever, which rarely happen to me.

Here are what I have:
1.carry on 2.master plan 3.figi 4.limoscene 5.ladylike 6.lilacism 7.jamaica me crazy 8.mezmerized 9.turquoise & caicos

1.simply smashing 2.black shatter 3.chapel of love 4.ogre-the-top blue 5.fiercely fiona 6.just a little dangerous 7.how cute is that? 8.blasted silver
a-h are from the sephora by opi mini sets, I could not find the names since they are no longer available...sorry

(Continue...) Updated View on Essies

The reason I have an updated view for the nail polishes is that I found a way to make the Essies last much longer.

Couple weeks ago, I wanted to find a color to put on my nails. Essie's Turquoise & caicos stood out since I did not have any other colors that were similar to that. Even though I don't normally pick Essie's nail polishes first due to the their longevity on nails, I just love the minty green color (at that moment). After a 10s struggle, I decided to use it. After I painted on my nails, I put on the Essie No Chip Ahead Top coat afterwards, only because it was the one I was using at the time. Surprise, Surprise, the nail polish lasted for 4-5 days instead of 2 days. I was not sure whether the top coat did it. So I tried on some other Essie polishes with the top coat, they all lasted at least 4 days without chipping. Nice! Now I don't have to abandon the Essie nail polishes from my collection!
I have to point out something about the Essie No Chip Ahead top coat. It works the best with Essie Nail polishes, when I put it over other brands' ones it was just okay, nothing special. No doubt the top coat's formula was mainly based on Essie's own nail polishes, why didn't I realize that?!

I am happy that I found the way to use my Essie, however, I still would not purchase any unless the color is unique. There are cheaper alternatives I think are even better qualities. With the same price range, I would rather buy Zoya's. Just my personal preference.

Maybe when you have some nail polishes in your collections that you find not working out so well, try the base/top coat from their own brands. You might be surprised as well! (no guarantee...)

Sigma Brushes

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex
What a popular product! I finally gave to the hype last Christmas when Estee Lauder was having a Christmas sale. Sigh... Let's say that at least it did not break me out! LOL
I don't want to say it is a bad product, my skin type is just not what it targets for.

I have combo skin, sometimes more oily, sometimes drier. I have never been an acne type girl other than my teenage years, but there are always pimples here and there. As a result, my skin is rarely smooth, in addition to the scars (transformed to a dark spot after a while) from the pimples I popped earlier...I have to say my skin is weird, caused by 50% nature (what I was born with), 50% myself (i.e. pop pimples when I shouldn't, touch my face randomly, have exaggerating expressions, etc.). When a skin care product does not work for me well, I don't blame it.

The Estee Lauter Advanced Night Repair was advertised as 
This comprehensive, high-performance anti-aging serum-30 years of innovation. Inspired by groundbreaking DNA research-brings your skin a dramatic reduction in the visible signs of aging.Now a year-long clinical study proves skin gets better and better: women continued to experience a dramatic reduction in the major signs of visible aging, day after day, month after month.*Skin looks smoother, younger, more radiant and healthy-looking.  
Exclusive Chronolux™ Technology repairs the appearance of past damage. You'll see a visible improvement in the signs of aging-specifically lines, uneven skintone and immediate hydration.
Enhanced Environmental Repair means Advanced Night Repair neutralizes up to 90% of environmentally generated free radicals (in vitro testing) before they can affect skin's appearance.
Enjoy Continuous Hydration as Advanced Night Repair creates the optimal environment for repair with nature's long-proven moisture magnet, Hyaluronic Acid-increasing skin's levels of moisturization dramatically.
Join the millions of women around the world who use it year after year and wouldn't trust their skin to anything else.Proven effective for All Ethnicities. 20+ Patents Worldwide.
Attempting isn't it? Unfortunately, I could not join the "millions of women around the world" and say that the product gives me smoother and better skin. It just did nothing on me, NOTHING. If I think positively, uhm... it may have prevented me from having more break-outs. That's about it. I almost finish the bottle since there is no way I am gonna throw $52 to the trash. It did feel good when you put it on and let it absorb into your skin. I still have relatively younger skin so wrinkles is not my top concern, besides the expression lines on my forehead (yup, excessive weird expressions remeber?). it didn't not lighten my scars or smooth out my expression lines. For me, not worth the money.

I understand the product was targeting majority skin types, so I don't blame Estee Lauder. I wish instead of "30-years of innovation", Estee Lauder could do a little bit more research and come out with something work for me. (honestly, compare to how much money they made from Estee Lauder brand products and all the other brands they own, this is not too much to ask, right?) 

Mario Badescu Drying Cream
I like Mario Badescu products. The drying lotion, healing cream, and buffering lotion are nice. I was disappointed about this drying cream is because it sure dried up the area where you put it on, but did not do anything to get rid of the pimples. It also said on the packaging that you could use it under makeup. I would not recommend you do it unless you have super oily skin. When you put your makeup over the area with the drying cream, your makeup will look blotchy, hard to blend. 

I only use it when I just had a popped pimple and I didn't have time for the pimple to dry up itself. It works okay for that purpose, not immediately but definitely shortened the time.

There are good reviews about this product, I am happy for those who have amazing results with it. Again, it's not a bad product. I had high expectation of this, just did not work well on my skin.
If you have very oily skin, you may want to try this out.

Retail Price: 0.5oz $14.00
you can find on Mario Badescu website, Ulta stores, and some department stores.
Macademia Natural Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

I can't say enough how much I love the Macademia Natural Oil Hair Mask. I bet you all have heard enough people talking about it. The shampoo and conditioner came with the Hair Mask because they were included in the set I purchased last year.

In comparison to the Hair Mask from Macademia, the shampoo and conditioner (it's called Moisturizing Rinse) are  not something you want to invest your money into. They are nothing different from other shampoos and conditioners you can find at a drugstore. First of all, they don't smell as good as the mask but still pleasant. The shampoo cleans my hair well. I have naturally dry hair, so most shampoos can do the clean task well. If you have oily hair, or you have chemically treated  hair, you might want to find a more intense shampoo. I would consider the Macademia one as a mild cleanse shampoo.
I am more disappointed in the conditioner than in the shampoo. Based on the quality of the Hair Mask, the conditioner should not be so bad, i thought. Wrong judgement! It did not condition my dry hair well enough that my hair had hard time to comb through. After I rinse the conditioner off after leave in for 5 mins, my hair does not feel smoother or silkier than before I put it on. Bummer! How could the conditioner and the hair mask have so much difference?!
I know the hair mask is supposed to be very concentrated, but the conditioner? I have some cheaper drugstore brand conditioners that work even better than the Macademia one.

Anyway, because of the hair mask, I still consider the set worth the money. The Macademia Natural Hair Mask is still my favorite so far. Nothing I have tried out before and after worked better. It just improved and conditioned my hair so much, and made my hair much more smooth and healthier. If you want to spend money on Macademia products, go with the hair mask. If you still have a lot of money left and you don't know where to spend, you can try the Macademia Shampoo and Conditioner. You never know what would happen... ^0^

Retail Price:
Shampoo - 3.3oz $ 9.00
                       10oz $21.00
                     33.8oz $48.00
Conditioner - 2oz $6.00
                        10oz $24.00
                      33.8oz $54.00

Thanks for stopping by and sorry for the long absence. Hopefully this review is not too late to help you finding the right product!

Have a lovely day/night!

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