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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Why Did Everyone Rave About It (Them) -- II. Nail Polishes/Makeup Tools/Skincares/Haircares

This part will have nail polishes, makeup tools, skincares, and haricares. Even though the products don't work on me, it does not mean that the brand in general is bad. It might because only the colors or the specific ones I owned were not as good. I am not 100% sure about that. Sometimes, because everything from a brand I purchased disappointed me, then I stopped buying from that brand.
Things like nail polishes, everyone picks up a nail polish for a different reason. I expect the nail polishes first, I like the colors; second, they last long or at least don't chip easily; third, apply smoothly and opaque (less than four coats application). I love nail polishes, but I hate the time it takes to paint my nails. So if the nail polishes are very good qualities and last very well, although the color selections aren't big, I still prefer those. Some of you may be attracted to the colors rather than the qualities in nail polishes, then you may disagree with what I have below. Just a personal preference. ^0^
Essie and OPI Nail Polishes (earlier view)

I started to try out Essie nail polishes a year ago. It is almost everyone's favorite nail polish brand, so I really want to find out what makes it so popular. Well, the color selections of Essie nail polishes are fantastic, and the polishes are true to colors as well.  What I don' t like about them are
1)many of the colors I got are so streaky when apply;
2)even though the nail polishes are true to colors but many of them (especially the lighter colors or pastel colors) are too sheer to show the colors well on my nails with two or three coats. Because of that, I have to apply pretty thick and I hate that. It not only takes forever to dry but also looks very gooey and heavy. Some colors are fine with two coats, but I am not impressed with the finish anyway.
3)None of the Essie nail polishes I own last long, about three days the maximum on my nails. I would say they are on my top three fast chipping nail polishes list. For some people who like to change their nail polishes often, long lasting or not may not be a issue for them. I am not a patient person. For me,  it's hard for me to just spend that much time everyday to paint my nails. So a good nail polish should last long. I have used nail polishes from other brands, they last at least a week without chipping and damaging my nails (i.e. L'Oreal Color Rich Nail polishes, Zoya Nail Polishes, Pixel Nail Polishes, and some Sally Hansen Nail Polishes, etc).
4)The price is relatively high compare to other drugstore nail polishes. Essie nail polishes sell for $8.00 at most drugstores. In comparison to Sally Hansen Nail polishes ($2-$7), Revlon ($5-$8), or L'Oreal ($5-$7) etc., Essie nail polishes aren't the best among all those brands. You always want to get what you pay for, right?

The same applies to the OPI nail polishes. The quality of the nail polishes are not very consistent. Some are fine, some are not. Again, the color selections for OPI are fantastic, but for the price I don't find the polishes last very long at all.

Of course, it might because the colors I bought were not the best colors to represent the two brands. However, I would not say the brand in general disappointed me unless most (if not all) of its products I purchased were far below my expectations.
I do like nail polishes, but I would not buy them just for the colors when I know the qualities are not good. Exceptions happen when I cannot find better alternatives where so ever, which rarely happen to me.

Here are what I have:
1.carry on 2.master plan 3.figi 4.limoscene 5.ladylike 6.lilacism 7.jamaica me crazy 8.mezmerized 9.turquoise & caicos

1.simply smashing 2.black shatter 3.chapel of love 4.ogre-the-top blue 5.fiercely fiona 6.just a little dangerous 7.how cute is that? 8.blasted silver
a-h are from the sephora by opi mini sets, I could not find the names since they are no longer available...sorry

(Continue...) Updated View on Essies

The reason I have an updated view for the nail polishes is that I found a way to make the Essies last much longer.