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Have you ever felt sad that a big part of your makeup collections would not be used up and your favorite products might be wasted? How often do you use up a single powder, and compare to how many you have? Sigh...I wish, If just no makeup would ever expire...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Favorite Beauty Products-(II) Neutrogena Healthy Skin and Make Up For ever Mat Velvet +

Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet +(No.45)

Make Up Forever Mat Velvet +is made for people who tends to have oily skin and wants to  matify the skin. Just like what it claims, this foundation will give you a mat finish and will last throughout the day without a problem. Compare to the Neutrogena Healthy Skin which is more watery, this foundation is definitely thicker. I have combination skin, I like the fact that the foundation can matify the oil on my face. However, I like my face to look more natural, a completely mat face is not "natural". So by combining both the Neutrogena Healthy Skin and the Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + gives me the best finish.

I like both of the foundation individually, but the mixture of the two is my absolutely favorite. The MUFE one is a little bit darker for me, with the Neutrogena, it comes out perfect match to my skin. Since both foundations have very good lasting power, the mixture would only be the same, if not better.

One thing the MUFE Mat Velvet + is better than the Neutrogena Healthy Skin is that you don't need to worry about how to get the product out of the bottle. The MUFE has a small pointed opening to prevent you from wasting any product.

The price for MUFE Mat Velvet is more expensive than the Neutrogena Healthy Skin. If you compare with other high-end products, the MUFE price is very acceptable. I bet if you find a foundation you like and it works well on you, you will pay no matter how much to get that, right? ^0^

Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet +

Type: Liquid Foundation
Coverage: Medium to Full Coverage
Shades: 16 shades total, very good selection of colors.
Skin Type: It is made for people who has oily skin, but I don't see any problem for people who has drier skin. I didn't find it to accentuate the dry patches on my face. You can always mix it with your other favorite foundations better for your skin type to increase the coverage and lasting power.
Application: The same way as I apply the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation. I like to use Sephora Airbrush Foundation Brush #55 and #56 or Real Techniques Duo Fiber Foundation Brush to apply in a circular motion, and blend blend blend. Again, a beautyblender should work just as well.

I mix my foundations a lot, sometimes is because of the color match, sometimes is because of the finish. I know many people use a mirror as a mixing plate. I use a silicon coated dough divider/scraper I bought a long time ago (I know you must be puzzled, check out the pictures below see if you get an idea). Because it is silicon coated, whatever you mix on it, you can wipe off with a dry tissue paper without leaving any stain or mark. Sometimes you might leave some oily mess on a mirror. You can find the dough scraper in any store that sells bakeware or baking tools, you can also find it online. I also find the shape of the scraper very easy to held when doing makeup. Of course, you can mix your foundation on anything you like, this is just how I do it.

The thicker end is the handle where you hold it, I found that it is also great to rest your brush if you put the scraper on a flat surface while doing makeup (due to the higher-up angle).

Everyone has her own way doing makeup, I bet there are so many other good ideas that I can learn from. Happy New Year!


  1. i mix my foundation all the time, too. it's hard to find the perfect shade. :) you're an awesome beauty blogger--love your writing style. :) great background... and enjoyed browsing. i am your newest follower via google, and hoping to stay connected. wishing you all the best on your blog. :) it's great finding inspirations from other bloggers. have a great day!

    1. Thank you so much! I am glad that my blog can somehow, at least a tiny bit, inspire you. I am flattered actually. Haha. Thanks for following. You have a wonderful day as well.