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Monday, January 2, 2012

My Favorite Foundation I - Make Up For ever Duo Mat

My Favorite Foundation I

Before I talk about the actual product, I want to say my skin type first.
I have light-medium colored skin, and with a yellow undertone. I am about NC30 OR 35 in MAC. I have combination skin with oily t-zone, the rest of my face is slightly more oily in the summer but drier in the winter.
I am not an acne-type girl but there are always couple pimples here and there on my face once a while. I do have some blemishes because I poped my pimples when I didn't have patient.
I also have freckles on both of my cheeck-bones. The pores around my nose area tend to look larger (this is what I expect a foundation to cover...).

Let's start...
1. Make up For ever Duo Mat Powder Foundation #205

Since I have drier skin in the winter, normally I would not choose products that would make my face cakey. However, this one really surprised me when I first used it. It made my skin looked so smooth, evened out my skintone, and covered most of my blemishes without putting on any concealer. As I mentioned earlier, I want my foundation to cover the pores, because this is a powder foundation and the best way I found to apply is to use a damp beauty blender, it didn't work as well as liquid foundations to cover the pores. In order to solve that problem, I used liquid foundation (only a little is enough because you will have the MUFE powder foundation on top) first to apply around my nose area with a foundation brush in a circular motion. After the pores are taken care of, then I would use the beauty blender to apply this powder foundation.

If you think it's too thick to apply both a liquid foundation and the powder foundation, I would suggest to use powder foundation only on the areas that you didn't have the liquid one, but don't forget to blend the edge of the liquid foundation into the rest of your face. Because the MUFE Duo Mat dries to a powder finish, you don't need to put powder to set, saves an extra step. :D

The lasting power is awesome. It lasted all day on my face and didn' t break me out at all. I went to bed with it one day (I know it's bad, I was so tired...), and it didn't break me out or dried up my skin the next morning. I was very impressed.

It works fine for me in winter, I think it will work even better in summer.

Description of Make Up For ever Duo Mat:
Type: Powder Foundation
Coverage: Medium to Full
Skin Type: Normal, Combination skin (Normal with some dry areas or Normal with some oily areas), oily skin.
I would not suggest this to people with very dry skin, because no matter what it has the powdery finish, and might give a cakey look. However, it would not accentuate the dry patches like regular powder products, surprisingly.
Color Selections: There are 11 colors total. Not many to choose from, it's better to go to a store and test the color before you purchase.
Price: $32
I don't think it's that expensive compare to other high end foundations, especially the quality is so good. You can buy it at Sephora or most department stores that have MUFE counter.
Application: The best way I found to apply this is to use a damp beautyblender. Just tap the damp beautyblender on the product and push lightly into your skin. I don't think a setting powder is needed. You can still put on concealer either before or after. If you put on after, a little bit of setting powder might be used to set the concealer only.
Finish: More toward the powdery finish side, but not cakey.

Note: Everything I mentioned above is my honest personal opinion, and it is based on how the product worked for me. It might work differently on someone else. I highly suggest anyone who are interested in this, try before you purchase; or you can always return it if you don't like it in most stores.

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