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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Surprisingly Long-Lasting Nail Polish--L'Oreal ColorRiche Nail

I recently went to Target and saw L'Oreal had the nail polish display next to the popular Infallible Eyeshadows. I picked up three pastel colors and wanted to try them out.
They are Satin Sheets, Walk on the Beach, and How Romantic.

The colors looked great after at least two or three coats. The first coat application was not very opaque and the color was not so evenly covered. The formula is kind of thick, so I would say don't go over three coats, and wait longer between each coat.

The reason I mentioned this is that the nail polishes (I have tried all three colors) lasted more than a week on my nails without chipping at all. That was very surprising. I am not that type of person who is very careful of nails, but these nail polishes are one of the highest quality ones I ever used.
The brush was like a regular nail polish brush, not too big not too small. I personally found it work just fine on my nails. Not anything special though.
I used both base coat and top coat when I had these nail polishes.
What you see in the bottle are the exact colors you will have on your nails. Very impressed about these nail polishes.

I don't know about all the other colors, since there are 42 colors total in this collection. Worth to check out!

The price is $5.99. You can find in most drugstores.

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